Inter-Library Loans

Interlibrary Loans

Anyone who has a current library card that is clear of outstanding fines or charges may use the library’s Interlibrary Loan service.

What Is an Interlibrary Loan?
Through this service, books and other materials which we do not have may be borrowed from other libraries.
How Does It Work?
The first step is to inquire at the different libraries to see if they have what you are after. Via the Internet, our largest participating libraries may be searched through their card catalogs.

St. Louis Public Library
Mid-Continent Library
Kansas City
Springfield-Greene County

After searching their card catalogs, write down the exact author and title of the item(s) you are requesting.

The next step is to go to your nearest Wright County Library and fill out the ILL Form. We do need your signature on this form, which is your promise to pay the postage one way and a $25 deposit for each item is required.  Once this is completed and turned in, the main office takes your form and orders the item.

If the item in unavailable, you will be contacted.
If the item comes in, you will be contacted, also.

How Long Can I Keep the Item?
Regular two week check out time.  Renewal will depend on the lending library’s due date.